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Project Renovation  Management Services

L. E. Realty Company does more than assist clients with buying and selling their properties we are also consultants with Project Renovation Management Services.


Our Broker oversees each renovation project assigned to our development team from the initial property selection, design ideas, and color scheme concepts, to layout and configuration. We ensure the selection of building and finishing materials, setting architectural plans, and arranging licensed tradesmen’s (General Contractors, Roofers, Plumbers, Electricians, HVAC, and Masonry) appointments. We acquire local permit acquisitions, oversee deadline management, zoning reviews, photograph staging, and marketing for buyer selection.


Since, our Brokerage firm has an extensive network of lenders, developers, architects, tradesmen, property inspectors, insurance agents, photographers, and first & second-time homebuyers, we are involved from the start of a project to its finish. Trust us to handle the finite details from area selection to potential resale red flags. L. E. Realty Company can facilitate Project Renovation Management Services for novice, intermediate, and advanced investors along with renovation partnerships. Whether you are a tradesman seeking an investor partner to collaborate on a current or potential project, or an investor seeking a tradesman partnership, we have plenty of options for you to explore.

Please select your investor skill set level so we know how we can better assist you with your investment goals:

Building Planning

Novice Investor

0-4 project completion

You are interested in Real Estate but you lack renovation fundamentals, resources, and the necessary tradesmen skill sets to start and finish a project. Being motivated and possessing excitement is not enough to renovate a property. Nor does watching reality TV shows make you an expert. Selecting a property to renovate involves more than finding “a good deal” online.

You are unaware of how to select a property for a renovation project; you are in need of financing to cover the renovation, labor, permits, and the material costs. Presently, you lack a proper team of licensed tradesmen, architects, and a Realtor so your project is starting from the ground-up. Not to worry, will we strategize with you in order to make your goal of Real Estate investing a successful reality. L. E. Realty Company has a wealth of knowledge to assist you with your real estate needs and goals.

Intermediate investors

5-10 project completion

This is not your first or second property renovation project, however, you understand there is still a lot to learn when investing in Real Estate. By now you know how to do neighborhood scouting, a comparative market analysis, and rate of return for the investment. Perhaps you still need assistance with acquiring financing to cover the renovation, labor, permit, and material costs or interviewing tradesmen, and architects to get your project underway. L. E. Realty Company is skilled with assisting you with each facet of your project before the property is ready for resale.

Interior Designer at Work

Advanced investors

10-25 project completion

You already know the routine with Real Estate investing and you need a little assistance in order to close the deal. You’ve already performed neighborhood scouting, a comparative market analysis, have financing in place to cover the renovation, labor, permit, material costs and you’ve calculated a rate of return for the investment. Now you need some assistance with project finishes, property pricing, and possible resale red flags; well L. E. Realty Company is the missing piece to your project puzzle.

Finished Products

    Renovated  Kitchen Projects

Whether you prefer a modern or contemporary look we can do it all.

Kitchen Interior with Island
Stylish Modern Kitchen

    Renovated  Bathroom Projects

Modern Bathroom

Whether you prefer traditional or an out of the box look we can handle that too.

Modern Bathroom

Thank you for selecting our L. E. Realty Property Renovation Development team in your journey for building your dream and establishing your legacy.  

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